26. Caminito
Walking trail between Garibaldi and Pedro de Mendoza streets and Magallanes and del Valle Iberlucea streets. It used to be a stream that ran from the Piguyugí lagoon down to Vuelta de Rocha. When it dried up, it was turned into a railroad path, until it finally became an abandoned piece of land. During the 1950´s, Arturo Cárrega, a local neighbor, decided to do something about this empty lot and called upon the painter Quinquela Martín for help. He baptized 100 meters of the street under the name of “Caminito” (Little Trail), inspired by the popular tango composed in 1926 by Peñalosa and Filiberto. Little by little other artists would make their own contributions. In 1959, Caminito was formally turned into a street museum.