Jorge López Anaya
(Buenos Aires, 1936 - 2010)
Informalism in Argentina
Jorge López Anaya
He is a graduate of the National University of La Plata where he studied Art History. He started his career under the careful watch of his father, the engraver Fernando López Anaya.
At the same time he attended college, he also attended the painting workshops of Adolfo De Ferrari and Juan Battle Planas. He works on sculptures with Aurelio Macchi and Rúben Elosegui; he studies theory of vision with Héctor Cartier and César Janello. In 1954, he starts to show his work in collective exhibitions.
In 1956 he takes part in the group which created the “watchamacallits” together with Jorge Martín and Mario Valencia. In 1957, he takes part in the “What is the watchamacallit?” exhibition at the Stimulus Association of Fine Art. That same year he is invited to the Pro Art Award contest at the Viscontea Gallery. In 1959 he is invited to exhibit at De Ridder Award at the Pizarro Gallery and in the New Art Association Salon at H Gallery. In 1960 he exhibits individually for the first time at the Pizarro Gallery. That same year he takes part in the First International Exhibition of Modern Art held at the Modern Arts Museum in Buenos Aires, and with 14 pintores de la nueva generación, (14 painters of the new generation) at the Lirolay Gallery. He is also present at the Second Bienal of Young Artists in Paris.
In 1961 he exhibits individually at Pizarro Gallery and in 1962 at the Antígona Gallery. He takes part in the Destructive Art exhibit at the Lirolay Gallery and in 1962 at the Antígona Gallery. In 1962 he exhibits at the The Collage (Lirolay Gallery) and in El hombre antes del hombre (The man before the man), organized by the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. In 1963 he takes part in Pintura espejismo (Mirage Painting) at the Witcomb Gallery. That year, together with Curatella Manes, Enio Iommi, José A. Fernández Muro and Sarah Grilo, he takes part in the exhibit of Five Argentine Artists under the supervision of Amancio Williams, held at the CH Studio. In the last exhibits where he presents his work, in 1963 he shows his sculptures: Gato/63 (Cat/63) and La escultura en pequeño (The sculpture in small scale), both held at the Lirolay Gallery (integrated by Paparella, Romano and Wells). He takes part in the anthological exhibitions of Informalism in 1969 and 1978.
He died in Buenos Aires on April 5, 2010.