Florencio Méndez Casariego
(Buenos Aires, 1927 - 1986)
Informalism in Argentina
Florencio Méndez Casariego
He studies sculpturing and painting in Buenos Aires with Lucio Fontana, Héctor Basaldúa and Juan Carlos Castagnino. Between 1952 and 1953 he furthers his studies in the US. He takes part in the Informalist exhibition at Pizarro Gallery together with Greco, Pucciarelli and Estela Newbery in 1959. Due to his diplomatic duties, he resides many years throughout Europe and the US. After his Informalist stage, in 1965 he makes primary structures with which he takes part in an exhibition at the Di Tella Institute in 1966.
He then returns to the sensitive abstraction with a style derived from Minimalism. He finally adheres to the general climate of the Nueva imagen (New Image) with an Expresionist style of great synthesis, where abstract and figurative elements manage to co-exist. In 1960 he takes part in the 9ª Gutai Art Exhibition, in Osaka, Japan. Among his private exhibitions we can point out: 1960, Nihonbashi Gallery, Tokyo; 1961, Cavallotti Gallery, Génova, Italy; 1962, Galería del Corso, Milán; 1969, Kensingsten Gallery, Londres; 1977, Carmen Waugh Gallery, Buenos Aires. He joins the Abstracción sensible group in Buenos Aires, whose three exhibits took place in 1981.