Antonio Seguí
(Córdoba, 1934)
Informalism in Argentina
A panorama of the 20th Century
Antonio Seguí
He starts his artistic formation in his native city, after dropping out of law school. He travels to Europe in 1953. As of 1956 he exhibits in official and collective events. In 1957 he holds his first individual exhibition in Córdoba. He moves to Mexico the following year. Upon his return to Buenos Aires during late 1960, he joins the porteño art scene. During that year he exhibits his paintings at El Pórtico Gallery and his collages at the Witcomb Gallery. On June, 1961 he exhibits at the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo in Lima, and in July at the Sala IV at the Witcomb Gallery. In 1961, he takes part in the Arte Destructivo presentation.
A little afterwards, with hardly any transitions, he turns to figuration. In 1963 he exhibits at the Lirolay Gallery his La metamorfosis de Felicitas Naón, a series of paintings based on photographs by Jorge Roiger. That same year he moves to Paris. He holds exhibits throughout Europe, United States and Latin America.
From then on, he works on a series of narratives and criticisms reflected on paintings that show many little men, dressed in 20’s style clothes, blind men in the parks, elephants that walk about in the Pampas, threatening dogs and men looking from behind walls. During that period he uses his own recourse based on comic strip characters, texts, arrows and various signs, juxtaposed onto the figures that resemble comic strip style language.
Among other recognitions we can point out: the Bibliofilia Award by Office de Promotion de I'Edition Francaise, París (1978); Honor Medal at the VIII Bienal de Grabado, Cracovia (1980); VII Bienal de San Juan Award, Puerto Rico (1986); Premio Di Tella Award, Buenos Aires (1989) and the Gran Premio Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires (1990). In 1991, after getting the Premio Di Tella Award, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires held a retrospective exhibit of his work, which included over 100 pieces of art made between 1958 and 1990.