(Tomás Monteleone. Aimogasta, Prov. de La Rioja, 1931)
Informalism in Argentina
He holds his first non figurative experiences in 1950. As of 1955 he takes part in the exhibits of the Asociación Arte Nuevo. In 1956 he takes part in the Grupo de Artistas No Figurativos (ANFA) exhibition at the Galatea Gallery. In 1957 he takes part in the 14 pintores no figurativos exhibition at the Van Riel Gallery. A year later he is invited to the I Salón Pan Americano de Arte de Porto Alegre, Brazil. He holds an individual exhibit in 1958 at the Galatea Gallery. In 1959 he joins the Movimiento Informalista. In 1960 he takes part in the Primera Exposición Internacional de Arte Moderno, at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.
Towas’ activity in the plastic arts does not go beyond 1960. That year, with a scholarship from the French government, he starts his film studies in Paris. He makes several abstract films, until he finally focuses on cinematography. We know of no other artistic activity after this period.