Víctor J. Cunsolo
(Vittoria, Italia, 1898 - Lanús, Buenos Aires Province, 1936)
La Boca Artists
A panorama of the 20th Century
Víctor Cunsolo
Víctor Cunsolo was born in Vittoria, Province of Siracusa, Sicily, Italy, on April 2, 1898. His father was a gunsmith and knives maker. Cunsolo arrives in Argentina in 1913, at the age of 15, and settles down with his family in the Barracas neighborhood. In 1918 he is admitted to the Academia de Pintura de la Sociedad Unione e Benevolenza.
In 1921 Juan del Prete, a friend of the artist, connects him with the El Bermellón group that meets at an old house in La Boca. Among the artists that make up the group we find: Del Prete himself, Víctor Pissarro, Juan A. Chiozza, Adolfo Montero, Juan Giordano, Roberto Pallas Pensado, Orlando Stagnaro, José Luis Menghi, Salvador Calí, Adolfo Guastavino, Guillermo Bottaro, José Parodi –a descendant of Francisco Parodi– Pedro César Zerbino, Mario Cecconi, and Guillermo Facio Hebequer. In 1924 Cunsolo exhibits his work at the show room of the Mutualidad de Estudiantes de La Boca. His first individual exhibit is organized in La Peña, in 1927. In 1928 he is invited to exhibit at the Asociación Amigos del Arte by the artist and cultural activist Alfredo Guttero. About the exhibited work José León Pagano has this to say:
"[...] the painter uses his art as an instrument of expression. At first related to the impressionist movement, his work takes a turn towards the simplification of the forms, synthesis of the color, and the construction of special atmospheres as we can observe in the Italian metaphysics of De Chirico or Carrà, showing a suggestive and melancholic vision of the Boquense riverside."
Also in 1928, he takes part in an exhibit of Argentine painters in Costa Rica and, in 1931 he holds his second individual exhibit at Amigos del Arte. In 1933 he takes part in the collective exhibit at Mostra de Pittura Argentina, sponsored by the Galleria di Roma; at the Castello Sforzesco (Milan) and at Carlo Felice (Genova). That same year he obtains the First Prize at the Salón Municipal. He takes part in other national exhibits between 1927 and 1931, and between 1933 and 1935.
Apart from his classical landscapes of La Boca, he paints still life themes, and landscapes of the province of La Rioja, especially Chilecito, where he resides for health reasons. In 1936 he returns to Buenos Aires for a brief visit, but he dies in Lanús, on April 10, 1937.
That same year, the Ateneo Popular de La Boca and Amigos del Arte organize exhibits in his honor. In 1969, some of his work takes part in the exhibit Panorama de la Pintura Argentina organized by Fundación Lorenzutti and, between October and November of the following year the Feldman Gallery holds an exhibit in his honor. In 1985, the Museo Eduardo Sívori holds an ample showing of his work.
His paintings are included in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Museo de Artes Plásticas "Eduardo Sívori" in Buenos Aires, the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes in La Plata, among other institutions.