Vicente Vento
(Buenos Aires, 1886 - 1967)
La Boca Artists
Vicente Vento
He was born in Buenos Aires, on September 17, 1886.
He attends Alfredo Lazzari’s workshop together with Benito Quinquela Martín and Fortunato Lacámera and in 1912, at the age of 26, he graduates from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, with a teaching degree in Artistic Drawing. He will work at the “Luis Huergo” and “Otto Krause” industrial schools.
He sets up his workshop at the Isle of Maciel. As of 1928, he delivers work regularly to the Salón Nacional, and as of 1930 he takes part in the artistic and literary group La Peña that meets at the basement of the Tortoni coffee house. He holds an individual exhibit in 1932 and as of that same year, he shows his work at the official show rooms in various parts of the country. In 1934, he inaugurates an individual exhibit at Nordiska Gallery.
In 1940, together with artists such as Lacámera, José Desiderio Rosso and José Luis Menghi, he founds the Gente de Artes y Letras Impulso group, initiating its activities the following year with a great collective exhibit which includes Quinquela Martín, Victorica, Diomede and Lacámera, among others. In 1948 Vento makes a personal exhibit at Impulso, institution where artists such as Pettoruti, Centurión, Butler, Forner, Castagnino, Spilimbergo and Lucio Fontana, among other distinguished Argentine artists show their work.
His involvement in La Boca neighborhood also includes his responsibility as a member of the Comisión Directiva del Ateneo Popular.
In 1953 he receives the third prize at the Salón Avellaneda.
Vento dies in Buenos Aires on August 26, 1967.
His work Fin de Jornada (End of the work day), is part of the patrimony of the Museo de Bellas Artes de La Boca “Quinquela Martín”. The following museums also display his work: Museo Provincial de Bellas Arte de Buenos Aires (La Plata), the Museos Municipales de Bellas Artes in Tandil, Junín and Avellaneda.